Press and media:

BRINK, Sydney Morning Herald Education Supplement, Weaving a new way (April 2013)
Dhub: There’s a little more to knit one, purl two with Alana Clifton-Cunningham (August 2012) 
(Scar)ves: textile art explores self-mutilation, Precinct Publication (2010) Magazine, Issue 25 (May 2010)
Oyster Magazine, Uprising issue (May 2008)
The Age (2009)
The Sydney Morning Herald (2009)
Craft Victoria-CLOG (2009)
Craft Australia (2009)
Aprons and Hammers-the work of Greenwood (2009)
UTS Precinct magazine (2009)
Concrete Playground (2009)
Renee-Marie (2009)